Bringing Mobility Analytics to The Smart Nation

bBridge is the Big Data Analytics Platform that aims to bridge the gap between Social Media Users, Business, and the Big Data. It results in two closely related applications: bBridge for Business, and eTrack: The Mobile App

bBridge for Business offers Real-Time Group Analytics to Business and Public Sector Users. The provided features are: Trade Area Analysis, User Communities Detection and Profiling, Live Social Media Stream Analytics, Hot Topics Extraction, Brand Monitoring

Life stream analytics

Real time big data stream analytics on community social media stream

  • sentiment analysis
  • hot events detection
  • brand monitoring and many more

Trade area analysis

Detection of Business Trading Areas based upon Urban Mobility Analysis

Hot topics

Extraction of popular multi-modal latent topic and its evolution tracing

Rich community profile

Automatic detection of community users attributes

  • gender and age
  • income
  • relationship
  • occupation
  • education

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